Site Preparation

Your attention to these important items will allow construction to proceed smoothly and efficiently with the least amount of confusion, disruption or delays:

Site Preparation

To avoid damage, remove all furnishings and accessories from the construction area.

  • For everyone’s safety, please inform your family and guests to enter the construction area cautiously and only when necessary, and to keep children and pets clear of the construction area(s) and away from materials and tools.
  • Contact your homeowners’ insurance agent and follow their recommendations for updating your policy to include your remodeling project.
  • Don’t forget to take some “before” and “during” photos. It is exciting to look back and to share the transformation with friends and family.
  • Designate one family member to communicate with your Project Manager, Production Supervisor and designer (if you are using one). Provide all parties with an email address and phone number(s) to use for day to day communication.
  • Have an extra key to the residence available to be placed in a lock box.
  • Inform Production Supervisor how to use security system, if necessary.
  • Move all furnishings and accessories from construction area(s).
  • To avoid any damage, clear all walls, shelves, cabinets and counters adjacent to construction area and secure any items that have sentimental value or are irreplaceable.
  • Please inform your Production Supervisor which bathroom(s) the staff may use.
  • Clear a traffic path(s) to allow for access to the construction area by workers and for the delivery of tools and materials.
  • Provide clear access to secondary construction areas such as electrical service, ductwork, plumbing, etc.
  • Clear exterior areas to allow adequate room for construction activities, as well as access for storage of materials and equipment. This may also include your garage and driveway.
  • Remove any shrubbery, flowers, etc. that you want to save.
  • All waste and salvageable materials will be removed and re-used, recycled or disposed of. Please identify and clearly label any salvageable items you wish to retain.

We take precautionary measures to confine dust and debris to construction areas. However, it is impossible to totally contain dust. Therefore you may wish to:

  • Cover furnishings, electronic equipment, bookcases and other possessions that are to remain in the construction and adjoining areas.
  • Close doors to other rooms and vacuum often to help control dust from spreading.