Your First Meeting

Your Project Manager will walk you through all of the important details of your project.

At this meeting your Project Manager will:

  • Walk through the existing space with you and discuss your goals.
  • Review your lists, worksheets, images and other documentation.
  • Ask and answer questions to clarify expectations.
  • Take any measurements and photos that are necessary to provide you with an accurate estimate and proposal.
  • Discuss feasibility – codes, regulations, variances or structural issues that may inhibit the viability of the project.
  • Consider traffic patterns, furniture placement and ease of movement.
  • Consider options (remodeling existing space, adding on or up).
  • Consider future projects and remodeling in phases.

Prior to providing a quote, the Project Manager may need to schedule another meeting to verify plan details or to bring subcontractors or suppliers to view the property first hand.

Depending on the level of details, the style and the overall scope and size of your project, your Project Manager may suggest that you would benefit from the services of a professional Interior Designer. See our Planning, Design & Selections section for more information.