Construction Phase

Big Red

Each project is unique, and the steps and sequences vary. Depending on the type of remodeling you have chosen to do, the first few phases of construction might include the demolition, footings, rough framing, windows, doors, and the roof deck. This is often the quickest, most visible, dramatic step and probably, next to completion, the most exciting. Throughout your project, we will schedule "Big Red" (one of our dump trucks) to pick up debris - No unsightly dumpster on most projects!!

The next phase is usually to rough-in the necessary mechanical elements like plumbing, heating/air conditioning, electrical, telephone, cable, Internet and other wiring.

Once the mechanical work is roughed in and approved by your local building inspector, drywall begins. Drywall is a time consuming element. After the drywall is hung, the applicator will have to apply several coats of compound to the taping, and the compound must dry between coats until the final coat is done and sanded smoothly.

Enjoy your completed project!

With drywall completed, the trim and cabinets and other built-ins are installed, along with tile, linoleum, hardwood floors, plumbing fixtures, countertops, mirrors, shower doors, appliances and other finish materials. Painting and wall covering are usually completed before the electrical fixtures and outlet covers are put into place. Lastly, the carpeting is installed and the last doorknobs and hardware items are all put into place.

Once your project is substantially complete, walk through it and note any questions and review them with your Production Supervisor or Project Manager, so that everything is finished to your satisfaction.

Your crew will clean up tools and debris, and you can get busy decorating, organizing and adding the final touches to your new addition or remodeled space.

Enjoy your completed project and tell everyone you know!!

All of your planning, preparation, patience and awareness of the construction phases will have paid off, and it's time to plan your open house and show off your completed project to your family, friends and neighbors!

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