Choosing a Remodeler

Make sure the remodeler you choose meets all important standards.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you and understand you may want to interview other remodelers. When comparing proposals, confirm that each one is based on the same plans using the same products and materials. It is also very important to thoroughly investigate the credentials of each remodeler. No matter which remodeler you choose, verify that like Plekkenpol Builders, the remodeler you choose:

  • is licensed by the MN Dept of Labor and Industry to perform the work.
  • has a permanent business location and a solid, unbroken history.
  • will provide a written agreement and other informative documents as required by MN or Federal law.
  • will provide professional references such as banking, accounting, supplier and subcontractor contact names and numbers.
  • employs experienced and professional management, sales and design, production and support staff.
  • can provide testimonials and references from satisfied customers and photos of completed projects.
  • will provide you with experienced design expertise and has established relationships with professional interior designers, structural engineers and licensed architects.
  • is someone you can feel comfortable communicating with and who will listen attentively to you and guide you in accomplishing your goals.
  • maintains an A+ rating and has no outstanding complaints with the Better Business Bureau or your local Building Officials.
  • has provided you with written performance guidelines for the services performed, per MN Statute 326B.809
  • abides by MN Warranty Statute 327A.
  • will provide proof of Worker's Compensation and General Liability insurance and utilizes required safety precautions.
  • is certified by the EPA to work on pre-1978 built homes that may contain lead paint and follows EPA required procedures.


Proceed with caution if a deal seems too good to be true or you are asked to obtain the building permit. It may be a sign that the remodeler is not licensed, insured or properly certified, may take shortcuts, use sub-standard methods or products, avoid inspections, neglect to pay for materials, subcontractors and labor, or abandon the job after collecting payments from you.