Our Services

At Plekkenpol Builders, the projects we complete range from whole house remodels, kitchens, baths, additions and lower levels to porches, decks, laundry and mud rooms. We have built many specialty projects such as wine rooms, a karaoke stage, a Japanese themed tea house and can design and build most any project that you can imagine. We build projects of all sizes and levels of complexity.

If you have explored remodeling and determined that your vision and requirements call for a new home, we can build a new home for you.

Remodeling is a very personal business that brings us into the privacy of your home, and for that reason we make a special effort to get to know you, so that we can work with you to design a project and select products that will accomplish your needs, complement your lifestyle and fit within your budget. Proper planning is the key to any successful remodeling project.

We encourage you to let us know about any personal requirements and special requests that will help your life run smoothly while we are guests in your home and help us to establish a production schedule that is as convenient as possible.

It’s important to us that the entire process is enjoyable, and that you’re delighted with the result – down to the very last detail.

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